Bruce Goold - Printmaker

Bruce Goold

BGBruce Goold is a highly respected and renowned Australian artist whose work covers a diverse range of interests and influences and has asserted its own unmistakable influences on Australian contemporary art and design.

Bruce is a rare and accomplished artist particularly well known for his Goold is known for work that encompasses a broad range of mediums but is always stunningly innovative and imaginative and is particularly valued for its high degree of technical skill and creativity. He is an artist who can turn his hand to virtually any challenge presented to him. Bruce has the ability and necessary prerequisites to appear to effortlessly work in whatever medium he chooses to engage with.

He is famous for his work as an artist, designer and printmaker with a particular interest in block prints, linocuts, woodcuts, silkscreen fabrics, paintings, collage and assemblage. Goold is also highly regarded and renowned for his ability to transform architectural space. His work in this area ranges from interior makeovers to bespoke commissions for tropical resorts, city nightclubs, restaurants and retail outlets both in Australia and internationally. At the opposite end of the spectrum he is also well known for the highly personal and intimate assemblage works made with found objects and a high degree of imaginative panache and his trademark inspirational flare.

Bruce Goold is an artist who seamlessly combines his diverse skills and interests to present the viewer with a completely singular and distinctive aesthetic that is instantly recognisable as his own.